Icons Of Wales
‘Special bottlings, each one celebrating a person, milestone or event from Wales.’
#11 Penderyn Patagonia

The 11th in our Icons of Wales Edition whiskies is Penderyn Patagonia. This is our first ever blended malt whisky, produced by marrying our single malt with that of La Alazana Distillery in Patagonia. It is bottled at 43% abv.

On the 28th July 1865, 153 people embarked on the Mimosa, sailing for Patagonia to establish a Welsh colony and preserve their language and culture. Times were difficult, but today Patagonia has 50,000 Welsh descendants, 5000 Welsh speakers and holds annual Eisteddfodau. ‘Little Wales beyond Wales…’


Nose: Sweet, floral and perfumed. Orchard fruits – green apples and sweet pears – vanilla, a light aroma of honey and caramel.

Palate: Nicely balanced. Sweet honey, apple tart and juicy pears with vanilla and light oaky notes. A mix of spices: cinnamon, peppers and a hint of cloves, together with almonds and creamy toffee.

Finish: Dried fruits lingering with sweet spice at the end.

#10 Penderyn YMA O HYD 70cl

The 10th in Penderyn’s Icons Of Wales Edition whiskies is called YMA O HYD. This is a patriotic anthem, written by Dafydd Iwan, and has been adopted by the Red Wall (Welsh football supporters). This whisky is produced in partnership with FA Wales as their official whisky for the Wales campaign at the World Cup in 2022. This 70cl bottle has an abv of 43% and is matured in American Rye Casks.


Nose: Fragrant, floral with baking spices, toffee, caramel, baked apples and pears.

Palate: Smooth with notes of sweet caramel, sultanas, baked apples with cinnamon; pepper & oak spices with a hint of ginger & cloves.

Finish: A caramel sweetness with herbal notes and peppery spices.

#9 Penderyn The Headliner 70cl

The 9th in Penderyn’s Icons of Wales Edition whiskies is called The Headliner. The only Welsh Prime Minister, David Lloyd George (1863-1945), was a social reformer and accidentally established the premium whisky industry. He became a symbol of the national reawakening of Wales, and created more headlines than any other 20th century statesman. This 70cl bottle has an abv of 46%, and is matured in Jamaican Rum & Ruby Port Casks.


Nose: Red berries, strawberries and cream; a hint of cranberries, light oak and vanilla. Nutmeg and cinnamon spice.

Palate: Rich sweet flavours of dried fruits, salted caramel, floral honey and a spicy kick of black pepper with a tannin dryness.

Finish: Sweetness, fading into a dry-yet-fruity finish.

#8 Penderyn Hiraeth 70cl

The 8th in our ‘Icons of Wales’ series was launched in December 2021 and commemorates the wonderful Welsh word, ‘Hiraeth’. Difficult to translate into English, some say ‘yearning’ or ‘homesickness’, but the BBC’s Roy Noble summed it up very nicely as: “a longing for your homeland, your heritage and your very being”.

This whisky is an ex-Bourbon cask finish and is bottled at 46% abv, and is the first time Penderyn have released a core range single malt using mainly spirit from the pot stills, which we introduced in 2014.  


Nose: Elegant and floral with light oak notes, vanilla, raisins, toffee apples, citrus peel and a hint of lime.

Taste: A delicate smooth single malt with honeyed fruits, vanilla, cinnamon spice and a hint of nutmeg.

Finish: Soft honey and vanilla notes fade to a malty finish.

2022 New Wizards of Whisky - Gold

#7 Rhiannon (Sold Out)

A  Sherrywood Grand Cru finished whisky at 46%. The 7th in our ‘Icons of Wales’ series celebrates Rhiannon, a powerful enchantress and horse goddess from the ancient Welsh folk tales, The Mabinogi, which were written in the 11th century and are some of the earliest writings in Europe. More recently Rhiannon featured in the wonderful song of the same name by Fleetwood Mac.


Nose: Spicy sweetness with the hint of vanilla; oak tannins, red berries, blackcurrants, hazelnuts, pears, sultanas and sweet marzipan.

Taste: Smooth velvety sweetness; creamy caramel, figs, red berries, delicate frangipane, chocolate ganache and a touch of coffee.

Finish: Sweet and dry with long lingering oak tannins.

2021 Spirits Business World Whisky Masters - Gold

2019 Spirits Business Design & Packaging Awards – Gold

#6 Royal Welsh Whisky (Sold out)

A Peated Portwood finished whisky at 43%. The 6th in our ‘Icons of Wales’ series was launched on the 1st March 2019, and commemorates the original Welsh Whisky distillery at Frongoch, near Bala, which closed over 100 years ago. Queen Victoria visited there in 1891 and on the 26th July 1895 the Welsh Whisky Co. received a warrant, and Royal Welsh Whisky was born. We have made a film commemorating the history of this whisky which can be seen here.


Nose: A delicate smoky peat with vanilla, light red berries and salted caramel.

Taste: The earlier hints of smoke become more prevalent. Sweet smoky toffee/treacle notes, a trace
of cracked black pepper, malted barley and the soft sweetness of fudge.

Finish: The smokiness slowly departs like morning mist, leaving a lingering delicate vanilla and wood spice final note.

#5 Bryn Terfel (Sold Out)

A bourbon cask whisky at 41% abv. The 5th in our series was launched on the 29th of November 2016 and celebrates Welsh opera singer Bryn Terfel and, more specifically, his favourite role, Falstaff. The whisky is well-rounded, spicy and sumptuous and we have brought a theatrical element to the design, all of which reflects the character of Falstaff.


Nose: Smooth and creamy. There are notes of honey, vanilla ice-cream and a hint of banana chips.

Palate: The experience is well rounded and rich, full of fruits, sweet apples, vanilla and a tone conjuring up nostalgic memories for a banana split.

Finish: Contains honey which is followed by another evocative tone – cream soda – along with the late arrival of a lingering woody spice.

22018 Spirits Business World Whisky Masters Europe Premium – Gold

2018 Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible European Whisky (Multiple Cask) – Best in class

#4 That Try (Sold Out)

A peated finish whisky at 41% abv.

As 2015 was Rugby World Cup year, we were delighted to announce the launch of our fourth in the series ‘Icons of Wales’ called simply ‘That Try’.

That Try recounts the highlight of the match that took place on the 27th of January 1973 in a packed Cardiff Arms Park, when the Baa-Baas scored what is regarded as the greatest try ever seen.

The edition, which features a specially commissioned drawing of Gareth Edwards on the black bottle and comes in a handsome black and white box to match the famous Baa-baas kit, is a Peated Single Malt Whisky at 41% abv.


Nose: Mild aromas of peat smoke, early morning at the rocky seaside and warm marmalade on toast all compete for our attention. A very fresh and clean whisky, beautifully distilled, which gives pleasure from the very first sip.

Palate: It begins with great sweetness before the smoky, slightly medicinal flavours descend.

Finish: Slight bitterness follows, which leaves a long and lingering fresh taste in the mouth.

#3 Dylan Thomas (Sold Out)

A sherrywood-finish whisky at 41% abv.

The third in the ‘Icons of Wales’ series; a new Single Malt, released in 2014 to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the famed Welsh writer, poet and broadcaster Dylan Thomas. This officially licensed edition celebrates Dylan’s life and works and features original photography, illustrations and quotations that capture Dylan at his most creative.


Nose: It begins with the aroma of sugar bonbons, rich with the smell of creamy toffee and vanilla. Soon Penderyn’s own fresh green apples and boiled berry fruits join in.

Palate: Cream sherry flavours, obvious but not overt, mingle with delicate fruits reminiscent of white currants and honeydew melon.

Finish: An aperitif whisky with a medium-long finish that ends up with an attractive aftertaste of mixed fruits. Dinner beckons!

International Wines & Spirit Competition 2014 Worldwide Whisky ‘No Age Statement’ Category – Silver

#2 Independence (Sold Out)

A Madeira finish whisky at 41% abv.

The second ‘Icon of Wales’ is called Independence and commemorates the signing of the American Declaration of Independence in 1776. The emerging statesman Thomas Jefferson, who went on to become one of America’s most famous presidents, was one of the fifty-six men who adopted the Declaration of Independence. Wales is a small country yet Jefferson and fifteen of his fellow signatories had Welsh roots.


Nose: Aromas of fresh apples and citrus fruits intermingle with creamy fudge and sultana raisins in the nose to create a complex yet fresh, clean and well-balanced whisky.

Palate: This single malt whisky is incredibly smooth and both fresh and rich dried fruits abound. Delicate and sweet with just a hint of bitterness to remain refreshing.

Finish: The whisky slowly presents a long finish leaving an aftertaste of Madeira cake and sultanas.

#1 Red Flag (Sold Out)

A Madeira finish whisky at 41% abv.

Red Flag is the first edition in the ′Icons of Wales′ series. It commemorates the first time a red flag was raised as a symbol of social protest. This happened during the 1831 Merthyr Rising, which ended in the execution of miner Dic Penderyn, aka Richard Lewis.


Nose: Aromas of fresh apples and citrus fruits intermingle with creamy fudge and sultana raisins in the nose to create a complex yet fresh, clean and well-balanced whisky.

Palate: This single malt whisky is incredibly smooth and both fresh and rich dried fruits abound. Delicate and sweet on the palate with just a hint of bitterness.

Finish: A refreshing malt, it slowly presents a long finish leaving an aftertaste of Madeira cake and sultanas.