Brecon FIVE plus Gold Award

Penderyn’s Brecon FIVE Vodka Wins Gold Award

Jon Tregenna Products

We are delighted to announce that their Brecon FIVE Vodka has won the Gold Award at the International Spirits Challenge 2017. FIVE is a premium 43% abv vodka made with pure clean water from Penderyn’s own glacier-bred, rock-filtered source situated below our distillery in the Brecon Beacons mountain range. FIVE is distilled five times for maximum purity (hence its name!), and whilst Vodka may be charcoal filtered, FIVE is so pure it doesn’t need any further filtration. It gains a smooth fruit twist when we add a hint of barley spirit from our unique Penderyn still.

Brecon FIVE vodka now has a UK-wide listing with Tesco and in the north of England with Booths & Co. It is also available from Welsh distributors Castell Howell and Blas ar Fwyd, as well as the distillery and major online retailers. And recently we’ve sold a large supply to the home of vodka… Russia!

Stephen Davies, Penderyn’s Chief Exec, said, ‘We regularly celebrate our whiskies and gins picking up international awards so are especially delighted that our vodka has won this prestigious award.’ Nikayla Langley, one of the organisers of the event said, ‘Winning an ISC medal is an outstanding achievement and underlines a producer’s commitment to quality and innovation through the spirit.’