"Wales has a surprisingly varied whisky tradition."

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4th century

Archaeology proves that there were small stills throughout Wales


Evan William’s family has a distillery in Dale, Pembrokeshire. They emigrated to the New World and Evan was a founding father of the Kentucky bourbon industry.


The Welsh Whisky Distillery opens in Frongoch, Bala, North Wales


Frongoch distillery closes and the building later becomes a POW camp for German POWs, and in 1916 for Irish Republican prisoners.


Welsh-born British Prime Minister David Lloyd George brings in legislation which helps create a ‘premium‘ whisky business.

1st March 2004

Penderyn Single Malt Whisky launched by His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales

1st March 2005

Penderyn is launched in London

9th November 2005

Penderyn is released in the US in New York

1st October 2007

Launch of Merlyn, Brecon FIVE Vodka and Brecon Special Reserve Gin

June 2008

The Penderyn Distillery Visitor Centre opens to the public

March 2013

The new Faraday replica still and pot stills arrive

May 2016

New Penderyn distillery at Swansea’s Copper Quarter announced

December 2017

A record year for sales

July 2018

New distillery proposed for Llandudno in North Wales.

August 2020

Penderyn wins its 50th whisky and spirits gold award