Become a Penderyn Whisky Expert! Our unique Faraday Stills

JonWhisky Expert

We charge our unique Faraday stills with our own malted barley wash. As the steam heats the liquid it starts to bubble and the vapour rises into a copper column above the still. The column has a number of perforated plates and the vapour condenses on the first plate before returning to the still.

As the process continues, the vapour reaches the second plate… and so on, before evaporating and falling back to the still; each step leaving the spirit smoother, softer and more refined than before. Eventually the spirit is drawn from the seventh plate on the second column and piped into our glass spirit safe. This magical process not only imbues our raw spirit with great complexity, depth and finesse, but also removes many of the undesirable chemical compounds – something that a conventional pot still system cannot achieve, and arrives at the spirit safe at an industry high draw of 92% abv.

We have 2 of these in our Brecon Beacons and Swansea Copperworks distilleries, and one in our Llandudno Lloyd St Distillery. Tours and Masterclasses are available.