Non-Chill Filtered Penderyn

Become A Whisky Expert – ‘Non-Chill Filtered’ – What Does This Mean?

JonWhisky Expert

All Penderyn’s whiskies are ‘non-chill filtered’. So what does that mean?!

Whisky can naturally become cloudy if it is stored at room temperature for a long time, or if cold water or ice is added. An alcoholic level of below 46% abv can also make the liquid more prone to hazing. This is a common phenomenon, and a result of flocculation – where these small fat and oil particles form larger particles. Therefore, some distilleries chill filter their whiskies prior to bottling to maintain the crystal-clear appearance of the whisky. However, our Penderyn Faraday Stills have an industry high spirit draw of 92% abv, which means that our whiskies don’t need chill filtering.

There are many that believe that whisky should be presented as pure and unadulterated as when first decanted from the cask. Chill filtration is a process undertaken for entirely cosmetic reasons, whereas fats and oils add to the flavour of whisky, and influence the texture and mouthfeel to be thicker and oiler – all of which would be removed in chill filtration.

Chill filtration is an extra step that compromises the natural, age old process of whisky making. Simply put, whiskies which are free from chill filtration are seen as more authentic. This is why you will often see the words ‘non-chill filtered’ displayed proudly on bottles of whisky, like a badge of honour.