Penderyn Distillery Sets Sights on South America as its Newest Frontier for Single Malt Whisky

JonNational Press, Products

Penderyn Distillery, The Welsh Whisky Company, continues to make waves in the global whisky industry, expanding its footprint with the announcement of a strategic foray into the burgeoning South American market.

Following its remarkable success in Asia, Penderyn is now poised to bring its exceptional single malt whisky to the eager palates of South American whisky enthusiasts.

With its proven track record of expanding its reach and thrilling whisky aficionados worldwide, now in 50 countries, Penderyn Distillery is now embarking on an exciting journey into South America.

This dynamic market boasts a promising future, with whisky revenues projected to reach US$6.04 billion in 2023 and an anticipated annual growth rate of 2.93% (CAGR 2023-2027). As the region’s whisky market continues to flourish, Penderyn recognises the vast potential for its exceptional single malt whiskies.

Penderyn’s strategic move into South America follows closely on the heels of its impressive growth in Asia, which remains one of the fastest-growing regions for single malt whisky. The company recently appointed a distributor for Hong Kong and Mainland China, setting the stage for further expansion in the Asian market. The partnership with Port Union and its mainland subsidiary, Yantai Hongyu Liquor Co, is expected to make China Penderyn’s largest export market in the next three years, in a region where the whisky market is projected to be valued at a remarkable $2.4 billion by 2026.

Penderyn Distillery’s South American journey commences with an exciting collaboration in Argentina. In partnership with Patagonia-based distiller La Alazana, Penderyn has crafted the enchanting Penderyn Patagonia, the 11th Icon of Wales. This tribute to the Welsh settlers who arrived in Patagonia, 7,500 away from the Welsh mainland 198 years ago carries the rich history and craftsmanship of Wales. Lila, owner and distiller from La Alazana, is pictured above, holding a Penderyn Patagonia bottle, which marries Penderyn whisky with La Alazana whisky.

Penderyn Patagonia will eventually be available in Argentina, marking the company’s debut in South America, and will also be distributed in Mainland USA following its debut last month in the United Kingdom.

While Penderyn celebrates this first entry into the South American market, the company continues its quest to establish distribution networks in Brazil and Mexico, further extending its presence in the region.

Penderyn Distillery is committed to sharing the essence of Wales with whisky connoisseurs around the world. As the company expands into South America and builds upon its achievements in Asia, it is poised for a remarkable and dynamic journey.