NYWSC Penderyn

Penderyn wins 2 Double Golds and a Gold at the New York World Wine & Spirits Awards


The Welsh are seriously ‘Coming to America’ after Penderyn Distillery took two Double Golds at the New York Wine and Spirits 2021 Competition.

This amounts to over 70 prestigious international medals for Penderyn internationally over the last few years.

Penderyn’s Port Talbot-born CEO Stephen Daves has been racking up hundreds of ‘Zoom miles’ as US State-after-State have been ‘getting into the spirit’ of Penderyn within virtual whisky tastings. Business has been booming across the pond for Penderyn in more than 40 states.

The Double Golds were for Penderyn Rich Oak Welsh Single Malt Whisky and Penderyn Sherrywood Welsh Single Malt Whisky from their Gold Range, and a Gold Medal for Penderyn Myth Welsh Single Malt Whisky, from their Dragon Range.

Penderyn has 8 whiskies now available in the US, including all 5 Gold Range bottles and the 3 Dragon Range bottles.

What is really giving Penderyn a kick in the USA is the fact that Penderyn now have 4 Kosher whiskies flying off the shelves.

Penderyn’s US importers, Impex Bev have excelled at spreading the word from their base in San Francisco.

Stephen Davies, Penderyn’s CEO said: “Winning in New York like this is particularly pleasing especially since it’s the first time we’ve entered this particular award.”

“It is a clear sign that Penderyn Whiskies are finding favour in America.”

“We must thank our incredible US distributor, Impex Bev who haven’t been shy in singing our praises.”