Penderyn launch Virtual Tastings


We now have 2 types of Virtual Tastings events – Penderyn Whisky, and #Siddiqui Rums & Penderyn Icons Of Wales. All info and dates on the pic above.

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Unfotunately these are UK ONLY.

Penderyn, the leading Welsh whisky distillery, is announcing the launch of regular virtual whisky tasting sessions for its fans and customers. In light of challenges faced during the pandemic in 2020, the Brecon-based brand is bringing safe, home-based tasting experiences to whisky enthusiasts this autumn.

Penderyn has previously taken part in a number of different international virtual tasting sessions this year, and inspired by their success, CEO Stephen Davies and the team have created their own tasting sessions for people to enjoy from a safe distance.

Penderyn will bring more than just whisky tasting to the virtual table, too – as virtual attendees will also be able to take part in a tour of bottlings from their popular Siddiqui Rum partnership.

“It’s been a year quite unlike any other,” Davies states, announcing the launch of the distillery’s socially distanced sessions. “We’ve all had to adapt – and while we’d normally be hosting tastings at our distillery, COVID-19 has pushed us to be a little more creative.”

“With the government strongly suggesting that new lockdown measures are likely to last well into next year, there’s no better time for us to launch our own virtual tastings. This means that our customers can continue to sample our new bottlings, safely, and offer their opinions to other aficionados through video conferencing.”

The ‘virtual tours’ offered by Penderyn are set to run each Thursday at 7pm and are available for up to 30 people per event. Attendees will be able to take part at a cost of £30 per person for whisky-only events, while a charge of £28 per head will apply to the rum and whisky tasting events.

Anyone taking part will have access to a variety of popular Penderyn bottlings, which will be delivered in 2cl bottle samples via post before tours take place. At present, attendees will be able to sample bottlings such as the hugely popular Rhiannon – which has recently been named the Best Welsh Whisky in Jim Murray’s 2021 Whisky Bible.

Despite the challenges that 2020 has brought to businesses and citizens of Wales, Penderyn has continued to grow in popularity – winning major plaudits and medals from international spirits panels across the year.

“Virtual tastings have been massively successfully this year,” Stephen Davies continues. “We were – therefore – inspired to put our own spin on things. 2020 has been difficult in many ways, but it’s been a year in which we’ve all had to come together creatively. We want our customers and fans to be as safe as possible when enjoying our bottlings, and therefore, we feel a virtual experience is the most fitting platform.”

Virtual tastings will enable Penderyn followers to sample some of the distillery’s best-loved bottlings, as well as to potentially sample a sneak peek of what’s to come. Crucially, it’s another brilliant pivot from Penderyn to help keep the brand riding high as Wales’ leading whisky brand.

Whisky and rum tasting tours will be hosted by Stephen Davies and Siddiqui Rum CEO Nigel Brown. Whisky-only tours, meanwhile, will be guided by experienced Penderyn Brand Ambassadors. These Ambassadors will help attendees through the tasting process from start to finish.

“The coronavirus is, sadly, not going away any time soon,” Davies continues. “We’ve made sure to carefully plan for the long term, no matter how uncertain that might be. This means bringing more of our bottlings and experiences to our customers on a safe, distanced basis.”

“Why should whisky drinkers have to lose out as a result of social distancing? It’s important that we all keep safe, no matter how long the pandemic lasts for – but that doesn’t mean shutting things down completely. We are in a fortunate position that we can continue to produce bottlings for our customers, but at the same time, we want to offer more than just a storefront.”

“Penderyn offers the best of Wales – and with virtual whisky tastings, we’re reaching out to more and more people around the world. It’s going to a be regular chance for people to sample our best bottlings, and to join together in uncertain times.”

Penderyn’s whisky and rum and whisky-only tours will run alternate weeks, starting with the first Penderyn-Siddiqui tour set for Thursday, October 1st. Sessions are set to last 90 minutes – and those interested in reserving spots can click here to book slots while they last!