Matthew Rhys on One Nation Under Whisky

Emmy-Winning Matthew Rhys on Penderyn, Acting, Wales and Whisky.

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At the recent St David’s Day Dinner in New York, Joshua Hatton (who is part of our US Importers ImpEx Bev) was introduced to Emmy-winning Welsh actor, Matthew Rhys, by Sian Whitelock, Penderyn’s Brand Director.

Matthew is a big fan of Penderyn and occasionally works as an unofficial Brand Ambassador, and therefore agreed to be interviewed by Joshua and his co-host Jason Johnstone-Yellin for their ‘One Nation Under Whisky‘ podcast. During the conversation Matthew, Joshua and Jason tasted and enthused about Penderyn’s Madeira 46 and Rich Oak Single Cask.

Its a very entertaining 2 hours and you can listen to the podcast here.

Amongst topics discussed were what Penderyn opening a distillery in Wales meant to this very passionate Welshman; meeting Stephen Spielberg; and how ‘monkey nuts’ means a very different thing State-side than it does in the UK!

Well worth a listen.