Penderyn Book Prize 9 BOB STANLEY

Bob Stanley wins Penderyn Music Book Prize 2023 for his book, ‘Let’s Do It’.

JonPenderyn Prize

The Penderyn Music Book Prize, now celebrating its 9th year, is the first UK-based prize  specifically for music titles (history, theory, biography, autobiography). The prize was awarded at the annual Laugharne Weekend on Sunday 26th March 2023, and is sponsored by Penderyn Distillery.  The prize is for UK published books only and was launched in 2015.

Bob Stanley, 2023’s winning author for ‘Let’s Do It’ (Faber) said –
‘It is a genuine honour to have won this year’s Penderyn. The competition on the long list, let alone the short list, was formidable. Plenty of books that explored pop music in non-obvious and fascinating ways, treating it as social history rather than just a niche, teenage affair. I believe the number of great music books published in the last few years, and the public’s interest in them, is directly connected to the Penderyn Prize and its corralling of enthusiastic writers and publishers. It’s a privilege to be able to say that Let’s Do It won, and I hope the Penderyn Prize goes from strength to strength.’

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