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From Wales to the US #1: Penderyn Partners With ImpEx Beverages for US Expansion

Jon Tregenna Overseas, Products, Whisky Business

Penderyn Distillery are delighted to announce that they will soon be able to showcase a range of five expressions of their unique single malt whisky for the first time in the United States. They have partnered with the highly respected distribution company ImPex Beverages, who are based in San Francisco, California.

Sam Filmus, President and Managing Director of Impex Beverages, said, ‘We are thrilled beyond words about Penderyn being added to our family of spirits. Following our ImpEx philosophy of selecting the best quality spirits sourced from different parts of the world, Penderyn is a perfect fit. Additionally, it is the only major distillery in Wales which only adds to its uniqueness. Plus, what fuels our excitement even more is the fact that the late great Dr Jim Swan was their distillery consultant from day one. The cherry on top is the wonderful people behind this brand. We can’t wait for the American public to have a taste.’

Wales and the US have a long relationship, especially in the field of whisky as Bourbon pioneer Evan Williams, founder of the distillery that bears his name, was born in Dale in Pembrokeshire, south west Wales. Going back further than that, there were 16 signatories on the Declaration of Independence of Welsh descent, and Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson both had Welsh roots.

Penderyn have been distilling since 1999 and use a unique single column still which produces a fresh and fruity spirit at an industry high of 92%. They now have a pair of these stills, as well as a pair of lantern stills. The new-make spirit is used this to create a range of award-winning whiskies which they export across the globe. Stephen Davies, Chief Executive of Penderyn, said, ‘We are very excited by this partnership. We firmly believe that Sam and his team will help us make inroads into the US market, and help people discover what a great addition Penderyn is to the world of whisky.’