Penderyn Cookery Book


Written by Louise Short, this beautiful cookbook contains more than 25 original recipes using products from Penderyn Distillery. With recipes for starters, main courses, desserts and cocktails, all with full colour images, the recipes are straightforward and easy to follow. The ingredients can all be found easily in any supermarket, making this the perfect gift for cooks and Penderyn enthusiasts alike.

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Louise’s tried and tested recipes have been created in her own kitchen and enjoyed by her family and friends. In her cookbook, she makes them available to everyone, so you can recreate them from starters to sweets and cocktails, all with minimum fuss. So whether you want to just grab a spoon and dive in, to an indulgent dessert like Penderyn and Merlyn Chocolate Cups, or whether you’re entertaining friends or family with Portwood Chicken Liver Pate, followed by Beef with Penderyn and Cola, Louise demonstrates how to serve food that is easy to prepare and a pleasure to eat.


From the Author

I was not a passionate cook, I had to learn to cook just so I could feed my husband and three children as they were getting fed up with beans on toast, pizza, spaghetti bolognaise and chilli! Over the years I began to enjoy cooking and experimenting with different flavours and ingredients. This book is a culmination of recipes which I have enjoyed with my family and friends, all involving the range from Penderyn Distillery.

Please excuse any errors you may find – it is all my own work – from the photography to the manuscript – to the cooking – what you might call a home-made book.

51 Pages
Dimensions approx 25cm x 20 cm (10″ x 8″)