Penderyn Faraday – Travel Retail Exclusive 70cl


Penderyn Faraday is our fomer Travel Retail Exclusive and is now discontinued. It is a 46% whisky and is presented in our bespoke Gold Range 70cl bottle. It began life in ex-bourbon casks and is finished in ex-ruby port casks, (whereas our Portwood is matured in ruby port casks). It is named after our unique Faraday still (designed by Dr David Faraday) which produces a pure, flavoursome and fresh spirit at an industry high of 92%.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Gently light Ruby Port with perfume of fruits, raisins and vanilla notes.

Taste: Delicate and creamy with dried fruits, very floral honey and wood spices

Finish: Medium and gentle, sweet but at the same time has a nutty dryness