M&H Elements Single Malt Whisky – Wine 70cl


This Elements Wine whisky was matured in the ex-wine casks that were sourced from Israel’s finest wineries, and are a celebration of the local terroir. It is bottled at 46% abv.

Penderyn has partnered with Tel-Aviv distillers M&H as the sole importers & distributors for the UK for their whiskies and spirits. M&H was Israel’s first ever distillery.


Tasting Notes

NOSE: Red dried fruits, ginger, oak and delicate coconut bouquet lead to a mineral perfume.

PALATE: Light bodied. Wine flavours coat the mouth, accompanied by subtle oak and vanilla notes, followed by gentle floral blossoms.

FINISH: Medium. The dried fruits and wine linger, finishing with a touch of dark raisins.

More Info

The Mediterranean’s climate, variety of soil types, hot sunny days and cool nights bring a spicy and unique flavour to Israel wines, and therefore to these casks.

The M&H Elements series manifests the combination of traditional distillation methods with rapid but graceful hot climate maturation.