M&H Elements Single Malt Whisky – Sherry 70cl


This Elements Sherry whisky is the first and only single malt in the world, aged in Kosher sherry casks which once held Oloroso and Pedro Ximinez sherries. It is bottled at 46% abv.

Penderyn has partnered with Tel-Aviv distillers M&H as the sole importers & distributors for the UK for their whiskies and spirits. M&H was Israel’s first ever distillery.


Tasting Notes

NOSE: Dominant rich red fruit notes, covered by gentle oak, caramel scent and lemon sweetness.

PALATE: Medium bodied. Light fruity sherry sweetness, rich fruits and dark chocolate, followed by gentle oaky tones.

FINISH: Long. The dark chocolate notes linger in the palate, followed by tobacco and oak notes.

More Info

These casks matured in Jerez in Spain, then taken to the distillery in Tel-Aviv to mature.

The M&H Elements series manifests the combination of traditional distillation methods with rapid but graceful hot climate maturation.